Dec 15, 2012


Those were days of
fantastic images
resting on a pagan altar
in the vein of the white curtains of marble
a monument, a stoa a naos,a miracle of the golden age
is more than
a broken bone or a topical arrangement of death
by the flame of the baroque fall coloring
a moment mourned of vibrant glittering
form a palace as ancient epitaph
of self-declared gravity into a measured geometry
of phantom- soul
unbroken virgin hill with the surrounding light
its exuberant ornate skin
grasses conceal fields blurs of olive
is the eternal metaphor of mathematics and symmetries
a tortoise an endoskeleton of the past a sonata movement in marble
merges with the dirt oneness
a ghetto of a lost and found martyrdom of art
green grass devoured of scent of resin,
sky vanishes with wings of vivid ionic wings
as metaphor for certain mood ascetic and euphoric
recapturing the movement of lost movements
of previous souls
nomadic meter, rhyme, syntax,"’afterlife"
spaces of seldom
the Parthenon