Dec 15, 2012


Those were days of
fantastic images
resting on a pagan altar
in the vein of the white curtains of marble
a monument, a stoa a naos,a miracle of the golden age
is more than
a broken bone or a topical arrangement of death
by the flame of the baroque fall coloring
a moment mourned of vibrant glittering
form a palace as ancient epitaph
of self-declared gravity into a measured geometry
of phantom- soul
unbroken virgin hill with the surrounding light
its exuberant ornate skin
grasses conceal fields blurs of olive
is the eternal metaphor of mathematics and symmetries
a tortoise an endoskeleton of the past a sonata movement in marble
merges with the dirt oneness
a ghetto of a lost and found martyrdom of art
green grass devoured of scent of resin,
sky vanishes with wings of vivid ionic wings
as metaphor for certain mood ascetic and euphoric
recapturing the movement of lost movements
of previous souls
nomadic meter, rhyme, syntax,"’afterlife"
spaces of seldom
the Parthenon

Jul 2, 2012

to create with pain a child of hope wishing that it is mine

Jan 18, 2011

candice seven

i will never escape from your shadow
transparent your eye erotic
space offered as fountain of youth
cut out of clouds in the dusk without faith
forgetting the movements of my soul
your path nevernow that corrupts
my vision images of the vanishing,
surrounded by foreign hands and your new lovers
rustic light the rising suns
winds and tides your figure
a carnal alchemy of hands into your depths
like a blossom in the field, more beautiful
than the firmament
a seed in which is encoded with many angularities
eyes that blossom also look more reflective
for i hold the vault of your mouth's desires
not spoken kisses not forced touches of consummation
the other is touching your hair
and i kiss you alone in my dark dreams
a will never get over you you will never get over me
my other self always antithetical
to your moves as wishes overflow
why is passion always the murmur of groves
and why my hand ever trebling to execute
a simple order of my heart
why is your lips as flowers
and i a snail eating fallen roses..
blinded by a marble-silk touch of muse
with blood's light secrets
upon the stroke of my pen
and digital eyes thirsty of doves
and fragmental passions into wine presses of love
sailing and dreaming my dreams to come
i never will get away from your erotic shadows

the end

not even a half goodbye
you will search but you will not find
my love like shadow will hang around you
you will be lost without me
you will remember me when i will leave
my red kiss
my red wine your wish

your eyes full of light
the day i lost your sight
now your heart is auctioned
for my half of my life
someone else the champion of my rage
for the one i loved will never embrace

I knew it was the end when finally she ask me ( why you look at me that way)
It was nearly a month i was visiting her at work running into her
without her talking, avoiding only talking to her phone without
acknowledging my presence or my existence , she went back to a new old boyfriend, and i started getting bored it was good to see her and realized that it was still plenty of resentment being harbored underneath of all this apparent good will of mine and lets be friends- rhetoric.
She became a sea of emptiness a vast erotic disappointment of her
bits of shit and her boyfriend vanities floating in an ocean of
erotic darkness.It was time to get the hell out without to say good-bye

Dec 22, 2010

candice(beauty revisited)

she looked like island in high seas
like a barrack that the soldiers used and abused
she meditates on dirty stigmas on the wall
now her shades of pale radiance
barren visuals no sense of calm
eyes communion of oval openings
promising the art of erotic escape
her eyes now changed filled with fury
a very incarnation of soft and wild beauty
like sea in tempest
skin silk like woven yet diaphanous
emitting light and shadow
she is my heart of everything
the main core of my poetic images
once you have it you can not give it back
It is beauty
she is beauty
her visual opulence must be revisited

Nov 24, 2010

loving( for Candice)

chrysalises of beauty her soft flesh.
sensuous fall
her words is
a melody for virgins
of nocturne purity.
most occult of the desires of his
lonely nights
in the intimacy of this erotic flesh
to be in vain
her touch slides into his skin.
curves of love can no longer wait.
the serenity to forget the cross of passion
is an empty despair and will not come as the
resurrection of his adamant flesh.
until silence turns love into his eyes.
across the bed with its sails unconsciousness
occulting bird rattle your heart
and lets the fall in my soul
unable under your sensuality
scattered on the field of love
Behind the blue shutters comes everything
your breathing shivering beach and sea
tangerine body openings
i am a clay pigeon
your touch brakes me back to genesis
of sin.
like the waves
of your flesh
and the kisses
of your second shadow.

Nov 21, 2010

three for Candice

abandoned forever

with this unmarked serenity

here the sea as translucent tiny river where dry river becomes sea

with lean stones without marks of aqua passage

only a graphic stream of sorrowful light

lean light that brings panoramic essence

to this mercurial space

and then joins down below the sea of meadows

transformed to virgin mauve light

and lets the wind to murmur with myriad air sermons

a new craving a new litany

a song of sage

until it suffers a new direction

across and then back to the myrtle hill

a darkened path of royal red with sun escaping

with his roaming eye

and i a worshiper upon its gaze

to see unwoven thirsty wine nights

the darkness and the light

formatted in an ocean of void like a virgin pearl

imitating the life of a soul and its disquieted moments

of early dawn fresh from the saga of dream

leaps from the esoteric world to the visual repetition of life

and if the sun ever died this purity of darkness would engulf the body as cover of the beginning of eternity

i wear this birth this sentiment of fear in the lost cities

among the ruins of my lost temples of thought

a limbo of unaligned emotions one meaningless without the other the golden light ( without the sun)

the unique delight of martyrdom

that survived the visited desire

so let the shadows come fast

and the forbidden flesh as new breath

her like formed pearl

in an ocean of darkness

let us finish the time

diaphanous touch like bleeding light

transparent as velvet underground music

but without touch all is vain

seascapes and sea-gates her eyes to enter

breaths and curtains

and rainbow carnations

of tender martyrdoms

chocolate martinis

and Baileys as balsam

in the Intermezzo cafe

in the mixed voices and the mixed veins

and dimmed colors we lived the oracles

in your bedouvin eyes

brightness falls

and i retreat to my shades of abstruction

and like a deer frosen by the earlier beam ob light

i wait for your next move your next bloom

in the dessert of my life

as a rage of the one that loves you

passions and whispers into the ever dream

you are a dark petal winter rose

in my dark rooms listening to your wind

Jul 19, 2009

4 pieces of August


amber hair
when you feel me in the empty circle of bed
shipwrecked of openness.

demanding more rupture
as dismembered absence of carnal touch
an intermezzo of
broken poetry of your eyes

appear as murmurs of want

an embraced look
of sublime want

Tormenting me with transmigration of sexual visuals
curves theft of your ikon a burning of flesh visitation
peeling your lips and your breasts like rosary beads of sin

the sweet slavery of lust only liberated by a circular kiss
the ecstatic rhythmic monotonous desire soothed by raptures
caressing and more caressing stigmas ....tear-stains of a night.


the sun is refusing to follow my broken shadows
my steps antagonistic to the murmurs of my heart
engulf my blood
like the sea the gulf's crevices
why the absorbed narcotic salty wind
bends space and gravity
disillusionment offerings
maybe an end of light is near.
i watch the natural theatre blue tones flatten space human mauve mental photographic spaces
to walk on them fly on them
down in the end of the cove
images were of sailors people
of emotion earth-toned colours and oceanic
supplanted with brighter colours of their eye
fainted with the passing of time
would cut you if you touched them
poetic works with no structure
not continuum (stopped) moment in time
women half naked primitive masks
objects collage of desire
fallen in love in my mind and movements
of sadness monochromatic
returning to my own psyche
different shades of mauve
the paint of my soul revitalised
the blue fabric sea of meadows listening to the sermons of the wind
seaward gaze red flame sky dust of roses
it has been long
since the circular burning beds seen new lust
arriving on the verge of youth
so do not burn my eyes
with your black silk lips
let me sleep let me sleep with
lightness and delicate sense movements
hieroglyphic syllables and silent waves
i am as leaf in breeze in stillness and in tempest
an old soul formless like sea abyss stirred - agonised
my symbolism is vanishing so
sent your eyes with a bond of flesh
for mending in the nest of turbulant hearts
say no words my tangerine opening
and become a dream of moon touch
a stretch of beach a measured light
a misty moonlight glow
your scented lips the passion grows
landscape of the image clothes you with lust
the summer of my years, a memory a dance
red wine from your lands

eat the honeycomb of bees
soft orange with flip-side winds
pale red luminous lips
eyes of love virgins see the sand
break loose from a great sleep of land

swirls and passes
steals my mind a scent of sea and jasmine
wind- wept the air rattles and quarrels with earth
its even darkness torn
symmetric movements the colours are born

in the platinum ridge the monk the inner sanctum seeks
the sanctified and the obscene
i drink all the shadows the aquatic river brings

till all are connected and divided in me

in the street of dreams oracular Aeolian winds
blow unrelenting the marble poplars
deep shaded carved wooden ikonostases
lush paths of the interior soul
with venetian modes in this gathering of the multitude
we aspire the same medicines and dogmas
as pilgrims of faith in transmigration
windmills and dovecotes of the mind
Miracle workers,healers, arriving in the isle of Delos
cleansing sacrificing in the wooden streets of palm


Jun 28, 2009

In the greek amniotic universe

your glow has diminished in the eternal now
leaving behind a thin trail of darkness
that is more of a feel a smell in the night
and i barefoot i with my oracle kiss
with some thought of solitude without faith
that leads me outward to you like love
mystical and shy without any art of persuasion
a saint on my last grain of desire
into the chambers of museums
and dressing rooms of oracle like
tourist Apollo with your ivory Egyptian
sailor eyes now hanging on the wall
eats the jelly of the bull
searching for stoned prophesies
from the measured light
stealing the ancient afternoons
mute as fish angel of sleep
among gold tapestries of flesh
and you breath into my mind holy smoke
behind your eyes fixed like ivory holy ghost

on the top of this ancient hill the most mysterious
objects are still hidden by modern manners unnoticed
myths dramas of euripides and sophocles and the tourists
and the new modern immigrants walking as playing the chorus parts
but aphonous archaic reliefs with fast movements of the new land
our bodies before the music starts behaving
as small amniotic universes
and our modernistic sad spaces are not for real
so our hands have the same form without motion
our walking dance mimic our dramas and our looks suffer
more and more in this expressionistic theatre of life

where albatross rise and dive
in the deep solitude of dream world
where scent of spring unmasks clouds
in the Aegean blue
where butterflies elliptical
fly into a serpentine stream of gold
with limitless steps to every climb
painting ethereal corral grounds
where sea Sirens sing Delphi oaths
seeking mirage of gods and goats
beyond the beauty to conceal
skin storm- driven passion play
of stone gaze and light images of lust and clay

we veiled velocity as chariots of embrace
in your blue cuneiform veins
i see my stillness
and the streaking spaces of bleeding
a surface of memory of lyric voices
whirling rivers of intimate eloquence
in your blue veins where all my fictions begun
dimmed light and perpetual motions
then vanished as serpents and lines
of sandstones of flesh
we slept in the ancient aegean rooms
in the hypotenuse hills
with honeysuckle and thyme
till our veins pulled the moons
and the rhythms of our tangerine minds

Apr 18, 2009

the ghost and the birds never came

the ghost and the birds never came
such a yearning the gathering of the multitudes
of desires and passions the holy ghost concealing
a spirit with sole veiling the abstract essences of soul

seeker of outside harmonies striving for liberation
a new artistry of lexicon
priest of temporal clairvoyant temples of self

on the way to the mountain top i have seen
this enduring masonic luminous construction of light
made the journey visible with distant sea
sublimated kiss perfumed by the wind

returning to earth that sleeps in olive groves
and further down to the coast
wind-blown sand
rays of time dew-pearled radiancy
favor even its owned shadow

the horizon listened
and dressed with lights of emerald and amber clouds
helped the land slowly to arise from the sea

a bend of mind
a reflected glow
but the ghost and the birds never came

Apr 12, 2009

abandoned light forever

abandoned forever
with this unmarked serenity
here the sea translucent tiny river
the dry river becomes sea
with lean stones without marks of aqua passage
only a graphic stream of sorrowful light
lean light that brings panoramic essence
to this mercurial space
and then joins down below the sea of meadows
transformed to virgin mauve light
and lets the wind to murmur with myriad air sermons
a new craving a new litany
a song of sage
then it suffers a new direction
across and then back to the myrtle hill
a darkened path of royal red with sun escaping
with his roaming eye
and i a worshiper upon its gaze
to see unwoven thirsty wine nights

so let the shadows come fast
and the forbidden flesh as new breath
with oily skins and pure almond eyes

Apr 4, 2009

my gothic soul

gothic angels live in the wind
their hearts empty in cathedral domes
with company of oblique curved devils
in a glass menagerie
with rosemary flowers on their hair
eyes of moon -glow of cursed opals
and bloodstones

untouched and pure emerald golden
passionless bodies ethereal of fallen angels
with mirages of rainbows
i write my next poem on their skin
rubbing their bones gently

their carnal fields so full of light

but in darkness they have no elegance
only monotonous absence
of endless naked breath of desire
that sweep across of my gothic soul

the rain arrowing their ascetic mountain
wind, wind, their enemy of floral still life
of butterscotch and thyme
the other blue pale and white wind
strips the tear of fields that are rolling

angels and devils shadows of pure beings
and i an illuminated soul to the road of ecstacy

Mar 8, 2009

my birth with sea light

Arrived then the harmony of light and it was april"s whisper
and i came out in the world
as the sea waited for the embrace of time
to live in her womb and in her loom of dreams
as the sand danced and gyroscoped
kissing the skin of mine i slept with seascape breast
of low mauve light her breath
liquid aquatic clairvoyance
of her bleeding moon to give me light, milk of solitude.
and bare virgin emotions run inside of mind as waves of soul
were born of salty air and seagull -song quarreled
that split and rimmed my heart with poetic polyglot sadness
born by the aegean sea of love and her phosphoric eyes.

the art of seeing the end

your sight is lowering
your crystalized heart is opening
left behind the paper land of need
as i find my Karma my
(leaf) will be shivering
the breath of time
transmitted by your
night's pale eye(the sea)
blown to life by the wind
scenes, moving between waves
when the night's fragments
leaping into stolen murals(images of youth).....
oh these movements of my mind
among lilac lost shape of light
and needles of almond new moons of iris

Feb 15, 2009

South curves for broken poetry

her incised lines wanted boys immersed in varnish before her mirror
In her longing to nest curves are hiding
unworshipped left breast (her right is showing)
brown color sales girl indigenous( i do the coloring)
to catch the light paper moon whispers
she desires me in a faded box of gold
blond-bodied girl with her shirt-tails out ( i changed the chrome)
always burning my old skin at lenox square

magic woman

i am a river sailing turning you into nymph with
passionate tectonic balconies
radiance of
anguished lover
by gulls in the sand
unveil the path as the seer
body of light curves your gentle lines,
white hands sin the lust of black fields
the youth of sculpture and the ecstasy
reveals all of winepresses and grapes of love
like the memory of
dreams of flesh in the harvests of shadows
I blame you you blame me
with the black instincts all given inside the white linen

Feb 7, 2009

a thief of rose

stealing once

with tenderest care
gliding through your body dry land your harbor yet
not found
of beauty of spring
that flits now a small shadow
erotic grasp of hand
remembers of rose fragrance
always burns me with passion as
romantic found touch
so much i want to live for and remember
not tears and moans
non- menacing turquoise smiles

sank in my bedrooms of dusk
it is all moonstruck veins
circular essences entering
bleeding the sea of your eyes
of azure light

i ride your dark body accepting your gravity

shifting red and blue touch

to take to steal your world

Jan 31, 2009

once a life of lovers

beneath the surface of symphonic night
where strings and passions of heart reside
this impetuous surge of romance composed
and quarrel with light and shadow old
my idle eyes faceless movements do not see
quester icons in motionless aura
discover not a certain lover
and hollow sinful man of consummate desires made
without beauty and wealth of slave passion play
being a mere object of desire mate
years of hidden solitude of love fictional
recurrence of lust mythical offer

my life my life my breath my breath of soul
as only early dawn with mauve clouds vanishing
with certain paper smiles one- half so beautiful
crashed through my vision over ebony
transparent your eye erotic
space offered as fountain of youth
cut out of clouds in the dusk without faith
forgetting the movements of
paths that corrupt
my vision images of the vanishing,
surrounded now by
rustic light the rising suns
winds and tides your figure
authentic sensory marble butterfly
a carnal alchemy of hand into your depths

Jan 24, 2009

i left my life(flying notes)

i left my life to get away from the greater emptiness
this unassigned world with no kind centers
commercial winds and commercial lights`
now in the clouds flying like albatross positioned
in the sky sandbars empty bone_white
stained with memory and the speed of light
there is only a small window-that lets me worship the earth
bound for the beginning of nothingness
again with faintest lisp with no real architecture or ancestry of Art(love)
my future cordiality saltiness have only the saltiness of blood

lips of strangers of the new strange land
painted and darkened with the wolves-light falling
drawing with me in the pool of the world
with my aqua spirit lost i give up the ghost
and like a new virgin tied to my desire
i seek a new anarchy a new opium
a new monotony a new tyranny

i left my life to get away from this greater emptiness
and now i am positioned for a new flight waiting for the new gods
and the new wind to commence the Doric journey

Dec 17, 2008

postcard(School Of Modern poetic movement)

thousand miles away from your forbidden breast
(without breathing) only in memory
i cross the oceans
to avoid your slavery(of thought)

opaque touch mixed with shadows
i enter your moonlight.
bleeding slowly away
for the machinations of flesh

and try to give eyes and warmth
to my loving stranger with a scent of lemons
in her carnal labyrinth translucent
litany for lilac lust